Business Trademarks – Additional Items to Consider

Business trademarks are an exciting important a part of your brand protection. Filing a credit card applicatoin for trademark registration is the initial step and when your trademark is registered around australia you might not consider it again, but you will find things that you need to bear in mind, for example:

Renewal period

When your trade mark is registered you will have to make sure that you pay your renewal costs to IP Australia every 10 years to make sure that it’s not cancelled.

Making use of your business trademark in nations outdoors Australia

Signing up your company trademark around australia only enables you to employ the symbol within Australia. Using the trademark elsewhere you might be infringing another person’s privileges, as the trademark may be registered in other areas around the globe to another person. Separate trade mark sign ups will have to be declared other nations where you want to apply your trademark.

Business changes names or moves premises

In case your business changes its address you have to record this around the Trade Marks register, this same rule is applicable for changes of title too – for example should you marry and alter your surname you will have to record a big change of title.

Business changes proprietors

If you sell your company to another person you are able to assign your trade mark registration for them, yet it’s a legitimate requirement to record this change in possession around the Trade Marks Register. To get this done you will have to possess a Deed of Assignment (or any other relevant document which records the transfer) together with a credit card applicatoin to record the brand new particulars around the Register.

Franchising your company

If you’re thinking about franchising your company you will have to authorise others to apply your trademark. It’s suggested that you’ve a written deal for this authorisation. You will find costs associated with carrying this out so you should think about employing the expertise of an ip specialist who’ll have the ability to advise you regarding the questions you have and be sure that you’re going about things the ‘right’ way.

These a few of the items to keep in mind if you have a company trade mark registered around australia. For those who have any doubts about how exactly you use your trademark or if you must do anything further have a look online for specialist services and save money and time

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