Invest in the online marketplace for advanced packaging machines

Practicing innovative designs through 3D software and numeral control mechanical tooling systems, Omag-Pack has satisfied clients with quality packaging machines for forty years. Packaging nowadays needs to keep pace with the advanced technology of the manufacturing industry and provide the final appealing vision to customers’ eyes. Products will not sell otherwise, since appearances matter so much. The company takes due pride that a hundred countries use their packaging machines on a daily basis, including giants like Ferrero and Bayer. Food and pharma, nutrition and cosmetics are the industries targeted by the packaging machines. As technology advances, machines are getting more elaborate and efficient too. Perhaps a merging of the traditional and the modern works best.

Striving for diversity, a range of packing machines servesthe requirements through precision and flexibility, with reliable and robust mechanismsthat keep up with fast productivity demands. It is all automated of course, and completely electronically controlled through a touchscreen user interface.Should something go amiss as happens sometimes with machinery, the software backup ensures that parts can be traced and made again immediately.

Sachet packing, single dose sachet packing, stick packing and Complete Lines are all possible, subject to client demands according to which customization is designed. A range of formats could be adopted according to industry requirements. Sachet packing has assumed enormous significance with sectors like food, cosmetics and pharma making widespread use with their many advantages like comfort in handling, minimizing use and retaining fragrances.

Wrapping materials are important enough and stick pack single dose packing saves on that. A single heat-sealed film reel is cut according to the tracks on the packing machine. Omag-Pack manufactures the vertical CS packing machine (1-20 tracks) and the smaller and cheaper vertical DIVA (1-5 tracks). The CS Junior packing machine is used to pack small batches of sensitive products.

Single dose sachets have diverse uses in cosmetics and food. Cappuccino and yeast, powders and liquids, detergents and mosquito repellent refills are some of them. Pharma tablets would require similar formats. Dispensers have become important too, and several kinds facilitate the industry. Auger dispensers contain powdery products, swing trays for granular stuff, pump dispensers are used for liquids and gels, and special tablet dispensers.

Challenges and sustained performance have been company hallmarks and technology has been a perceptive ally, constantly changing like the weather just like the market demands. Fulfilling industry requirements and customer demands have been top priorities in the search for viable packaging solutions.