Reduce the risk with aqueous parts washers

Cleaning the mechanical parts is common with most of the companies and industries. These parts do get dirty and greasy. For proper efficient working, it is necessary that all the parts must be properly cleaned so that all the grim may be washed away. In old times, these mechanical parts are washed with petrol which is a highly flammable petroleum solvent that can easily catch fire. So in order to reduce the risk of fire or any other kind of hazard, aqueous parts washers are introduced to the industrial cleaning department. Now, these solvents are widely used all around the world.

What is aqueous parts washer?

An aqueous parts washer is a solution which is considered very safe and effective when it comes to cleaning the parts of the washers. There are many other solvents which are present in the market which are effective at cleaning the mechanical parts. But those solvents are not safe to work with. They come with lots of hazard that could damage your hands, or may result in fire. But with aqueous parts washer you need not to take care of anything. They are safe and effective to use under any working condition. These are the water based solvents and don’t cause any kind of hazard, or fire breakout. They also don’t produce any kind of smell or fumes that may damage your lungs or cause any medical conditions.

How does it work?

This aqueous part washer solution works exactly as washing powder that we use in our home. The greasy parts are completely submerged inside the solution and the solution separates the grease and dirt off the mechanical parts. The greasy material and dirt settles at the bottom of the container where as mechanical parts are left clean and without any kind of grim on it. All the parts are left without any kind of oily finish upon them.