Safe Driving for Teens

Do you have a teen that just received their driver’s license? This is no doubt an exciting time for your new driver and a very anxious time for you. There are a multitude of steps you can take as a parent, and an experienced driver, to better prepare your teen for the perils of the road.  Follow these recommendations from the professionals to ensure your teen’s driving experience is positive, courteous and safe.

Presumably your teen has completed the driver’s education courses required by the laws in your state. These driver’s education courses often only cover the bare minimum of information and driving time to satisfy very low state imposed bars. The best way for your teen to become a safe driver is by gaining as much experience behind the wheel as possible.  Should your teen be involved in an accident, it is very important to review safety steps with them. These procedures are unfortunately not part of most drivers’ education curriculums.  If your teen is not severely hurt after an accident, they should immediately put their flashers on to alert oncoming drivers of a hazard. If there are other passengers in the vehicle, they need to check on their safety and well-being. Alerting the authorities is the next step.  If there was another car involved in the accident, your teen should check on their safety and well-being.

If your teen’s vehicle was damaged to such an extent that it can’t be driven or will require extensive time in a body shop, consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and renting a vehicle from the great selection available through Dollar Car Rental. This can often be coordinated with your insurance company or that of the other driver involved in the accident if it was determined that the accident was their fault. Review each of these steps with your teen multiple times. Have your teen write these steps down. Best of luck to you and your teen driver as you navigate the perils of driving.