Save Money with Hand Dryers

Running a business can be very difficult at times. To maximise your profits, you have to keep your expenses as low as possible and your revenues as high as possible. When you are trying to increase your profits, though, you might not have control over how much revenue you are bringing into your company. When that’s the case, your only option is to decrease your spending. If you are trying to cut your spending, you’ve surely gone through your budget to reduce expenditures on big ticket expenses; however, you probably haven’t thought about your paper towels. In the bathroom at your business, you could be wasting a lot of money on paper towels.

Research has shown that people tend to pull out far more paper towels than they actually need. It seems that most people are more worried about not having a sufficient number of paper towels with which to dry their hands than they are about being wasteful. While paper towels might not be very expensive, they add up very quickly. You should calculate how much money you are spending on paper towels. It’s very likely that that amount of money would cover a hand dryer which would save you money in the long run. Also, a hand dryer is actually a better way to dry your hands.

Hand Dryers

Contrary to popular belief, hand dryers are hygienic ways to dry your hands. They blow hot air across your hands to evaporate the water. They are very simple and very effective. Many people believe them to be unsanitary because of some reporting decades ago. However, that reporting was only about one specific kind of hand dryer, and it isn’t relevant to the new models of hand dryer. The new models are effective, efficient, and sanitary. You don’t have to touch anything to activate them, so they’re actually more sanitary than paper towels.


For most models, you can activate them by sticking your hands under the machine and a sensor will detect your hands. That way, you can get your hands dry without ever coming in contact with anything in the bathroom.

The Environment

Every paper towel represents a part of a tree that was cut down. While there are many responsible ways to source paper from trees, there is no way to make paper without trees. So, if you want to reduce deforestation, you should consider consuming less paper. Consuming less paper means that fewer trees will need to be cut down. Cutting down fewer trees helps prevent erosion in coastal areas, weakens strong storms, and helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. While your paper towels aren’t a very big contributor to deforestation, every little bit adds up.

There are two major reasons you should switch from paper towels to hand dryers: economics and ecology. Economically speaking, hand dryers make sense. Unlike paper towels, they are not a recurring expense and not something that people can waste. Ecologically, cutting down fewer trees helps to fight climate change. It’s the responsible thing to do.